Friday, July 07, 2006

Why Isn’t Spielberg Creating a Movie Called Jaws VII: Because we now have Shark Shield!

Shark Warning: Sharks can be scary, dangerous, and often times unpredictable creatures lurking in the sea. From 1975 until now, many people haven’t been back in the water. 1975, is when the original Jaws movie was released. In fact, rumor has it that some of these people haven’t even bathed since Jaws came out 31 years ago. Why? For some reason people refuse to bathe, out of fear of a two ton shark swimming up their plumbing to eat them.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is now safe to go back into the water and your bath tubs! The innovative Aussies have developed a fantastic new product called Shark Shield! This product is available mid 2006. What is Shark Shield?

Shark Shield™ is an electronic shark deterrent that allows both water sport professionals and recreational users to enjoy their chosen vocation with a new dimension - safety and peace of mind - for themselves, their families and employers/supervisors.

Shark Shield™ creates a unique protective electrical field around the user, which is detected through receptors located on the snouts of sharks. The field causes intense discomfort to the shark, resulting in them leaving the area.

For those engaged in commercial water activities it offers personal protective safety equipment that can contribute to a much safer working environment and assist both employers and employees in meeting Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare obligations.

As a surfer since 1976, I have had a few encounters with sharks. I plan to share these stories with you over the next couple of days. With Shark shield, we may loose our shark encounters and fear forever.

Bumped by a Black tip Reef Shark in Virginia Beach, 1984

Surfing with a 10 foot Hammerhead, Navarre Pier, Florida 1982

A drunk, beach bum places his leg into a live shark’s mouth, Ft. Walton Beach Pier, Florida 1981

Special Note: More sharks have seen us then we have seen them!

"And the day came, when the risk to remain a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" - Anais Nin


Mike Todd said...

Dang, man, that's cool. Hook me up with some shark shield. Does it work on wives, too?

The Shark Foundation said...

The South Africans have developed an effective protective device called "Shark POD" (Protective Ocean Device) which is used by divers. It protects the user by means of a weak electrical field which floods the shark's highly sensitive ampulae of Lorenzini with stimuli so that the shark does not approach the diver. For cost reasons PODs are not feasible as a mass protection item (ship accidents). For crowds of people there is still no effective protection.