Sunday, July 23, 2006

No Wave too Rough, No Shark too Tough: Are you Aware that Sharks Talk?

Sharks talk just like you and I. I have personally experienced a fascinating talking shark on many occasions. Growing up surfing I experienced a recurring shark dream which scared me senseless, but the fear is less than my desire to surf. If the surf is up, the surf is ridden.

In my dream, the water is always a deep blue and emerald green. The crystal clear water is amazing and the waves are glassy and pure. The sun sparkled off the water like many perfectly cut diamonds. My heart pounding with excitement, I always race from my car to the beach. I strap the leash to my ankle and charge the sea with a fury. Praying to God for safety and thanking Him for making the waves for my enjoyment. This is a ritual for me. As I paddle out to catch some waves, an electric surge of joy is racing through my body and exhilaration through my mind, what a perfect day. However, each time I stopped paddling to sit on my surfboard (with my feet dangling), I see a white shark swimming beneath me. Each time, the white shark swims to the surface, pokes its head out of the water, and says, “Good morning Mike, sometime today, I am going to eat you!” The shark would chuckle, alright, laugh at me and disappear into the water.

Still Scared of Sharks? Get back into the Surf!

What shark dreams have you been having? Make a comment on this Blog to let me know. If you are still scared of sharks, but your passion for surfing is still alive, I have found a perfect way for you to fulfill a remote controlled wave session where the waves are always overhead. This company called RC Surfer or Remote Controlled Surfer has a product you have to check out. If you are interested in the RC Surfer and other surfing links, click here to see an awesome list of hot surfing resources.

Get back into the surf, your odds of being attacked by a shark is only 1 in 11.5 million people and a shark attack fatality is 0 in 264.1 million. You have a greater chance of drowning than being attacked by a shark! Click here to calculate your odds.

There is 1 person in 2 million that will experience a drowning and a drowning fatality is 1 person in 3.5 million.

The RC Surfer loves to be attacked by sharks and will never drown.

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