Saturday, January 27, 2007

La Salitas de Albuquerque

La Salitas de Albuquerque:
A Wait Staff's Nightmare Becomes a Manager’s $4.00 Negligence

Having once been a waiter for Sambos, Denny’s and an upscale Occoquan Inn, I can understand the angst wait staff have in regards to customers and spilling things on them. Fortunately, I was never privy to a spill.

However, last Sunday we decided to return to La Salitas on the NW side of Albuquerque to enjoy the company of friends over lunch. We decided to eat at La Salitas again, even though the ambience is lacking much, mainly due to proximics. The tables are too close for comfort. Rubbing elbows with strangers while I eat is not my cup of tea.

The waitress, who is by-the-way, very nice, accidentally dumped a huge glass of ice water down the back of my four year old. Her coat, shirt, pants, socks and shoes were absolutely soaked. Worth mentioning, my daughter didn’t make the slightest bit of noise or even shed a single tear. Did I mention the temperature outside was 21 degrees (F)? Wet and cold is a bad combination.

The waitress apologized profusely and thanked us for being so understanding. Afterwards, my little one received a duck shaped sopapillia to eat while she sat uncomfortably in drenched clothes. She never complained. She makes me so proud.

Upon receiving the bill I was shocked to see that the manager had not compensated or adjusted the bill in anyway. In fact, the manager never even came to our table to address us, which I think is inappropriate. I imagined the manager would have at least given my daughter her $4.00 kid's meal free. After paying the full bill and tipping the waitress, I decided to leave a note on the receipt about what occurred. I included my home phone number so the manager could call me at his/her convenience. Did the manager call? No.

Mind you, it is not the $4.00 it is the principle of the matter. Although, $4.00 dollars might have kept me from taking the time to draw a picture and write about the experience.

So, sitting here drinking my coffee, I decided to capture the image for all to see and ponder. The question is, am I being too hard? Any thoughts? Feel free to comment...

Will I return to La Salitas de Albuquerque?

You Do You Tube and I'll Do My Tube!

Monday, January 22, 2007

NM Lecture on the future of China by Charlie Bergman

Lecture on the future of China: Charles Bergman will talk about “China’s Ascent: Peaceful Rising or Trouble Ahead?” at the next Community Academy Lecture at Albuquerque Academy. The talk will be presented in the Simms Library Wednesday, 6:30-7:45 p.m. Admission will cost $15. For details on the talk or Bergman, go to this website. Questions to Marlene Sigel at (505) 828-3316 or

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Birthday MLK!

Be a Proponent for PEACE!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is Peace Possible?

If there has only been peace on earth for 8% of our human existence, the odds are not in our favor! Is peace possible? Why is peace always at the expense of someone else?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Celtic Cross

Scoping all the Celtic Crosses on Flickr motivated me to draw one too.

Check out for pictures and/or drawings of your choice.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Santa Sports New Sumo Surf Suit

Dear Kids,

Check out the new Japanese Sumo Surf Shorts I am Sporting...

Have you ever heard it said, when in Rome, do as the Romans?

With this being said, I thought I would give a gift I received from my Japanese host a go in the surf.

I have to tell you, this new Japanese Sumo Surf Suit is a little short!

Until next time,

Love Santa

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mrs Claus Hangs Ten at Macaronis Resort

Dear Kids,

I couldn't break it to you as I thought it would crush your crazy fantasy of two old people drinking hot chocolate while sitting in the North Pole awaiting Christmas.

Most likely you are wondering who the elderly woman is. The elderly woman you thought was Mrs. Claus is in fact my Grand Mother. We had many laughs at your expense.

Check out the real Mrs. Claus Hangin Ten at Macaronis resort!

Love Santa

Surf Dude Called Santa Lands Big Air

Sun Tanned Santa

Dear kids,

My body is getting back into shape and my skin is bronze for the first time, just in time for the Arctic Chill I mean Arctic Challenge.

As white as I was, you might have over looked my jam session on the snow pipe!

Flying North!

Love Santa

Monday, January 01, 2007

Santa Flys into 2007: Happy New Year!


Dear Kids,

Ripping up Nippon!

By-the-way, I fired my flying reindeer as I no longer need them...

Love Santa

PS: May 2007 be full of Peace and Blessings!