Saturday, July 29, 2006

Much Ado about Nothing: Is America’s Skin to Thin?

When American’s claim to be offended by ridiculous, minuscule things like beer can’s on a poster, bad words, filthy bumper stickers, plain pettiness, and even crosses, life is too good. Mark Twain exclaimed, "It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt." People have way too much time on their hands when they can waste time on bunk (empty talk; nonsense).

Here is a real world example: A few individuals found a new recycling poster offensive. Why? Because the poster has a few discernable beer cans in the recycled can pile. Give me a break! Someone warn the offended to never shop in a store with alcohol being sold or displayed. Are they offended by beer trucks? Any way, these individuals complained and the posters were removed. After thinking about the complaint logically, the posters were later placed back up as they are fine posters. People are taking offense by taking things way out of context.

Please pass this on: Being “offended” by something implies greater intensity of feeling than “just not liking” something. Not liking something often times, leads us quickly and blindly down the road of intolerance.

What is Dislike? Dislike is an inclination to withhold approval from some person, a group or a thing. Dislike is a feeling of aversion (deliberately avoiding) or antipathy (intense dislike). Dislike is to have or to feel distaste for something, maybe even repulsed by it.

What is Offended? Being offended is a feeling of uncontrollable anger, resentment,
or even indignation (righteous anger). One may even act with a disregard for laws, rules,
contracts, or promises. Some might strike out with disgust or revulsion. Ultimately
the offense causes hurt and leaves one horribly upset.

Are we are the laughing stock of the world? Why do we allow American’s to take things to the ultimate extreme, except of course those things which have real meaning and will make a positive difference to lives and to life?

Is America’s skin too thin? In my opinion, the thickness of America’s skin has a direct correlation to the “political correctness” movement, which is related to the bowel movement. In other words, they both appear to come from the same place. For text books, let’s call it the “Thinnist Movement!” For the record books; it is okay to dislike something, but you don’t have to make such ado about nothing. Save your energy for something substantial. Make a difference, not a nuisance. Stop wasting valuable resources on pathetic things (my opinion).

Here are ten of the many things for people to exert their energies in that will make a difference. Try loving others as yourself, if you don’t love yourself, what about feeding the poor (Angels of Hope), take care of the sick and save lives (St. Jude hospital). People need homes (Habitat for humanity). Kids need good role models (Big Brothers and Big Sisters). Correspond and send money to a child (Children International). Give your organs as a donor (see the Department of Motor Vehicles). Fight social injustice, not beer posters. Work toward world peace – be a peace maker. Tolerance is for all.

Put your energy into something which will make a difference, not bologna!

I am getting off my soap box!

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Anonymous said...

Good post, Mike.

I think there's a very strong sense of self-righteous behavior these days, a kind of arrogant looking down at others because it helps people not have to face their own inadequate attention to their own moral deficiencies. Through this superficial moral superiority, people can very easily justify their own drive to better themselves at the cost of others, which often means not helping others, not just not putting others down.

The Janet Jackson breast incident is a PRIME example. Here we have tens of thousands of civilians dying across the world unnecessarily due to war, famine, etc., but a vociferous minority care more about such trivial matters as seeing a some of a grown woman's boob, like we haven't all seen some of that before.

How many different ways can we stick our head in the sand?