Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Deeply Spiritual and Simply Cultural

I think we can all agree on this simple fact: Where there is life, we should observe some growth. Things that do not grow in some way are usually not alive or in other words, dead. Any issues so far?

If we observe some growth in ourselves or in others, typically we will run into some challenges in life (self, time, mistakes, people, perceptions, misunderstandings, progress, pettiness and so forth).

The most wonderful thing about challenges (problems) is there are always ways to solve issues. Even hitting rock bottom there must be a way out, if you fall in. Find the way.

If there is a challenge or problem in your life that requires a solution, then there is a great opportunity for growth. Are you growing? Hard experiences teach good lessons.

No matter what the challenge is in your life experience, use the challenge as a way to spring forward to greater growth. Don’t hide your experience, but share it with others. Turn a negative into a positive. Tell people how you overcame obstacles in your growth.

What’s the bottom line? Earnestly seek and you will find! Continually grow. There is a peace that passes all understanding.

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