Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cultural Gifts: Wine Bottle Dress-up

Where do your bottles go to get dressed up to have fun...Memorable occasions need to be celebrated and remembered. Let Barjonx provide your bottle with the proper attire to celebrate any occasion...

Global HR Leadership Conference Gift

Here is a hot new product with a cultural flair that is fun and unusual. My wife received the red Chinese wine bottle dress to the left, at the 2006 global HR leadership conference, from an international team member. What a great gift.

Then, a lady I work with provided me with a link to her children's website called Barjonx that market these types of gifts in the US. I thought I would share.

Pass out wine as gifts? No more wine bags, brown bags, or cartoon paper wrappings needed. Get something cool.

I have linked this site to my website too.

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