Monday, May 01, 2006

Talking Bout My Generation

I am only one of 50 million (1/50,000,000) in Generation “X,” hear my cry! Instead of being tagged a generation X’er we should be called, “The generation that continually does more with less.” Are the older generations trying to force us into a routine to get us ready for their retirement? The generation with less people are doing much more to get the job done! In every professional position I have held, the “Do more with less,” business decision always raises its ugly head. Examples include the U.S. Military cutting loose its middle management under President Bill Clinton, Intel Corporation and other high-tech companies outsourcing positions to
China and India, and it continues on today.

For example, Friday, April 27, 2006, Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini announces further drives to do more with less. These initiatives often have nice names like, “Re-structuring, Re-alignment and Re-deployment.” Traditional “Lay-offs” just aren’t politically correct. Is this the right decision? Maybe.

In 1997, I was talking to manufacturing technicians about seeking advanced degrees, because I thought and predicted, 10 years out that high-tech manufacturing in the United States, manufacturing will die a horrible death. We are one year off of my ten year vision and the death of high-tech manufacturing is coming to fruition. It is called progression, although it might take a little longer than my 10 year prediction, it is coming. America needs to wake up and smell the roses. Don’t worry, they don’t really smell like “Poo-Poo,” as in the popular “C-RAP" genre, song by OutKast, titled, “Roses.”

The American future is not manufacturing matter, but rather knowledge and the dissemination of such.

I question the present model of upgrading computers and computer packaging. As a consumer, I don’t want to upgrade my whole computer every 4 years, there is no point. Let’s do more with less in consumer buying and marketing. If the Intel and Apple partnership want to be effective in consumer upgrades, implement a real plug and play strategy. Here is my desire. I want a cool package like Apple produces with Intel hardware that is exchangeable. I don’t want to replace my whole computer system every 4 years. Where is the win-win strategy in that? I see Intel and Apple winning, but I am not Intel or Apple, what do I win? I am your customer! Are you listening? Here are my two demands as a consumer:

  1. I want my computer system as a whole to be upgradeable with ease. Quit making us throw out the old and fill-up landfills everywhere with outdated technology. Environmentalists will thank you, I will thank you.
  1. I don’t want to unscrew anything- I want slip-in, slip-out, i.e., pull the Pentium 4 out and slip the Titanium in, reboot the system and all is a go. Compatibility is necessary. I don’t have time to mess around.

In essence, we can all implement “Do more with less.” It is the right decision. To actually leap ahead, we must all “Do more with less.”

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