Monday, May 08, 2006

Intercultural Word for the Day: Recognition (Gifts)

What is recognition? Recognition is an ambiguous word like love and it does not cross global boundaries well. An important question to ask is, “How does the individual or team like to be recognized? In America, an individual may be singled out and recognized for their efforts; however, in China or Japan the team is recognized - there are no individuals. Forgetting the cultural norms of recognition and/or appropriate gifts for each country is a major faux pas.

10 Things to consider with recognizing others:

1. Is the culture a collectivistic (i.e., Japan) or individualistic culture (i.e., USA)

2. Is the recognition appropriate for that culture (For example, in China, a clock symbolizes death and sharp objects send a message of conflict)

3. Is the number of items in a recognition or gift appropriate or inappropriate (Ask yourself what odd and even mean in the culture. In Russia, an even number of flowers (including 1 dozen), are used only for funerals. In China, the number 4 is associated with death).

4. Is the color of the item appropriate? (In many cultures, black often symbolizes a funeral or death. In the Philippines, red or green is suitable for wrapping paper. Green is a sacred color to Muslims.

5. Is the value appropriate? (In Taiwan, The Taiwanese give very generous gifts. Americans and other visitors should be prepared to reciprocate with gifts of the same value).

6. Is the symbol or object appropriate (You don’t want to select a gift that has a negative or unlucky association so be sure to understand what the cultural meaning is?)

7. Is it appropriate to plan a recognition event or is the element of surprise okay?

8. How many times will a culture refuse a recognition or gift before accepting it?

9. What is important to the person or group receiving the recognition?

10. Make a memorable moment and/or exchange that will create an excellent memory. Corporate recognition is generally placed into a box or thrown away after an employee leaves a company. Give a gift that will follow the person/team through life.

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