Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Working with Latin America on November 7, 2007

Charis Workshops (Open to the Public)

Working Latin America
Gain a greater knowledge of Latin America and its people, focusing on four major markets: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. With insight to cultural values, historical-political relationship with the U.S., and current affairs you will be prepared for business strategy in Latin America. Learn practical skills for working effectively with Latin Americans, communicating to get straight answers and decisions, building personal relationships, giving feedback, and negotiating. Gain tips for E-mail and phone communication. Learn phrases in Spanish and Portuguese, naming conventions, and social ettiquete to convey respect. Prepare for business trips and hosting.
Who should attend? Employees managing virtually or working with global coworkers, suppliers and customers. Anyone conducting business in India, China, Russia or Middle East should absolutely attend.

Do you offer workshops on other countries?
Yes, contact us at

Can I sign up for just one workshop?
Yes, you can sign up for one, or more. Indicate your preference on the registration form.

Can I bring these programs to my team or company? Yes, contact Charis at 925-931-0555 to bring these and more global leadership workshops to your company.

Can I pay by credit card? Yes, Payment Information click here

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