Saturday, October 14, 2006

Who Is Watching Us Drive Now?

Big Brother is set to watch us drive our vehicles. Why? Check it out here.
Just when we were complaining about speeding and red light cameras,
new research installed in vehicles will watch you while you drive Filed under: Transportation

October Traffic Fines:
1. Picking nose and driving 22 offences @ $50.00 a pick
2. Biting a burger 3 offenses @ $50.00 a bite
3. Looking away at 250 offenses @ $50.00 a glance
4. Whatever else we do while we drive

We're not sure if we like the idea of our car watching us as we drive, but we'll all in favor of any tech that'll make us safer. This past week at the Intelligent Transportation Systems exhibition in London, a new set of cameras mounted on the dashboard in a prototypevehicle will make sure that a driver's attention is focused on the road. According to Motor Authority, the new cameras will be trained on the driver's eyes and will flash a warning light and will sound an alarm if it finds that the driver's eyes aren't staring at the right places at the right times. Furthermore, as New Scientist reports,these new sensors -- developed by researchers at University of Southampton in the UK-- are also able to determine what other cars and objects around the car are ...


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