Friday, September 22, 2006

Justice or Injustice; That is the Question! What is the Answer?

Drivers that see only green, won't be upset when they see the same green color leave their wallets.

I used to believe that traffic cameras were a form of injustice; however, over the past few weeks I have been paying particular attention to vehicles running red lights in New Mexico.

Do you realize that at least two vehicles per light are running the red? Okay, occasionally no one comes through the red, usually this occurs when there is no one in the lane. We might as well change all the bulbs to green, as so many drivers simply ignore the changing lights. Think of the cost saving opportunity. We randomly snap photographs to share the burden of fines as a community.

Interestingly enough, I now find myself a little disappointed when no one runs the red. Personally, I have adopted the two-to-three second wait before accelerating out into an intersection as a rule.

What a great tax income for the State. Everyone doing their part.

Here is a quote from Swindon, England!

"People moan about all the speed cameras going up all over the place and how they are just there to make money; I say put more up, and everywhere. If you want to speed and break the law then too bad if you get caught. DonĂ‚’t moan about the supposed injustice, pay the fine and take the points. Hopefully you will get 12 before long and end up banned. Maybe that will teach you." (Martin Hills Blog)

Cure: More speeding cameras and red light cameras please! If personal accountability fails, big brother must wail.

Any thoughts?

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