Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Working with Japan Course: Offered

Today! I am hosting and attending an 8 hour Working with Japan Course: Konnichi wa is “good afternoon” in Japanese. In this course, delivered by Charis Intercultural Training Corporation, you will understand and gain insight into the Japanese culture. Topics include Japanese meeting practices, decision-making, organizational hierarchy and negotiations. The course will provide excellent preparation for business trips and hosting Japanese visitors. For more information, go to the Charis Intercultural Training website.

To receive a local schedule for all the Albuquerque intercultural course offerings with open enrollment contact Mike Kline at 1-505-284-8108.

Contact Marian Stetson-Rodriguez to find out how you can schedule this class and other fantastic intercultural courses at 1-925-931-0555 or visit her website at

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