Friday, June 02, 2006

11 Questions Interviewees want to ask but don’t:

Are you a Company of Choice

Companies need to remember that people are its greatest strength and weakest link. The key to company success is the diverse pool of people they attract, hire, motivate, train, develop, reward, promote, and retain. Everyone is searching for the best and the brightest. What makes your company a company of choice? I know what I bring to the table and it is good, why would I desire to work for you?

11 Questions Interviewees want to ask but don’t:

1. How much deadwood (worthless employees) is your company dragging along?

2. How many employees are retired on the job (retired on active duty)? If employees are not working and getting paid to do so, why don’t you get rid of them? Let those people go! Let them retire early, it is cheaper.

3. Are you a micro-manager? Do you empower at the lowest possible level? Do you trust your staff to make decisions?

4. Does this company value internal employees and promote from within?

5. Am I getting low-balled? Are you paying me what I am really worth?

6. What performance management tools are in place to reward outstanding ability?

7. Are you hiring me to work nine hours a day or to get the job done? Is every breathing moment scrutinized? How flexible is my schedule?

8. If I am expected to be loyal and give my all; will you also be as loyal to me? What about my intellectual property?

9. Does the company have a proactive hiring plan (continuous hiring to meet attrition) or an explosive, reactive, hire and fire plan?

10. How is informed risk taking perceived at this company?

11. What happens to employees that challenge the status quo?

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