Friday, April 28, 2006

High Tech Enhancement to Customer Service

Check this out. As a paying customer and I must say, "An excellent tipper," when the service is good, I have an idea to share.

Restaurant tables leave much to be desired these days. We live in a high tech society and yet we are trying to serve people in a traditional way. Today, most youngsters do not know how to serve. In the U.S., today's youth are handed everything on a platter, how could they learn how to serve, or earn tips? For the record, no, I am not a Baby Boomer, I am generation "X."

Here is the idea. Introduce a computer control room that takes orders from table top touch screen computers. Not flat screen, high tech computers, but, rather table computers mounted under the glass with touch screen capabilities. I envision the customer placing orders "On Demand." Orders monitored by the control room and wait staff standing by to please. As the manager, you decide the standard level of agreement in time to fill, for the customer's request.

Instead of individual tips, you might choose a collectivistic approach of pooled tips. Split the tips at the end of the shift. If someone is slacking, the team will sort them out.

Customer satisfaction ratings will be instantaneous and online. Chain of restaurants will have access to the "Order to Demand" and "Fill Rate" real time. The customer is in control of their service with a push of the button. Picture it, an electronic "more coffee please!" No more cups on the side to signal the cup is empty and ready to fill.

The possibilities are endless. Get high tech and enhance customer service.

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