Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good News! Some East Indian’s Claim: American Cows are Not Holy!

I heard a very funny story the other day, a story about East Indians and McDonalds or rather American beef. Personally, I never really associate McDonalds with beef. It doesn’t taste like beef, it doesn’t look like beef and it definitely doesn’t smell like beef. The story followed the course of a new immigrant from India in the U.S. to study for their Ph.D., going to McDonalds and observing some of his Hindu friends eating a Big Mac hamburger, fries, and coke. As the new guy was experiencing some cognitive dissonance about the whole thing, the new immigrant decided to express his concern, “You guys realize of course, you are eating beef!” The friends looked up at their new acquaintance and said, “You will have to get beyond that notion quick, American cows are unholy!” What the new guy ordered I do not know.

As funny as this notion appears to the U.S., it brings up another question for me. Let’s think about this issue for a second or two. Why would anyone want to put something unholy in their mouth and digest it? Is it holy or unholy?

With over 1 billion people in India and growing rapidly, 81% of the people being Hindu and unable to eat beef, this is good news for world beef companies. Many Indians believe in a Gita, which tells them to do what their conscious tells them to do regardless of consequence, as success and failure are the same side of the same coin. An American company called Nike must have a similar Gita. Nike coins it a little differently, by telling us to “Just do it!” However, saying this, if it is unholy, it sounds disgusting and you can count me out.

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