Thursday, February 08, 2007

Crazy Drivers!

What Were You Doing When You Should Have Been Driving? Obscured View and Driving.

"I Didn't See Them, I Don't See Anything!"

Why do people drive vehicles with an obscured view?

Look over there, a child is riding their bike into the road... or a dog, or a door being opened, or a parent with groceries getting into their car... the list goes on.

Issue: The Handicap Placard is for parking, not driving, although, I am all for creating warning placards for other drivers to beware.

For example, a dear family friend of mine, age 80 something, drove his car without being able to lift his head to look up or turn his head side-to-side due to severe osteoporosis. On one occasion he hit a school bus and on many others he side swiped vehicles and ran over poles.

What kind of placards can we create to warn other drivers of our issues?

What about mental issues, a hot-head, road rage, vulgar, stiff neck, vision, hearing, missing limbs, slow cognitive processing, slow response time, and others? Notice that most of these issues have naught to do with a wheel chair. I think we need new warning placards!

I wonder if a driver is guilty of premeditated murder if they run over someone and kill them with an obscured view. Is it a premeditated crime or not?

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