Thursday, March 09, 2006

Techie Hiring Events will Never be the Same

So check this out! I dibble in this and I dabble in that. Last May, I attended my first National Restaurant Association (NRA) 2005 annual event in Chicago. I worked pro bono’ish for a good entrepreneur buddy and his company called Comm Log. Alright, I did work for free, except I openly received great food, awesome entertainment (Second City), and lodging. Will work for food is not a bad philosophy. During my time I explored the NRA and identified a few new approaches to business and other resources for the provision of innovation. There is a whole world out there. Pop, your “I’m a buyer”or “I’m a whatever,” bubble and seek out new ventures.

During the event, I came across a company called "Motoman" They were presenting the most exciting new innovation in bartending, a product called “Robo Bar.” See RoboBar in action.

You are probably asking yourself “what the heck does Robo Bar have to do with hiring?” Now step back and think about techies. Techies love high tech and robotics is high tech. When 300 companies compete at hiring events for top applicants how do you stand alone? Do you stand there like 300 other high tech companies in their logo shirts like you work for Hot Dog on a Stick? Or do you rent or buy Robo Bar and have applicants standing in line for a robotic bartender that serves them soft drinks during the day event and other drinks at the evening social mixer. Mix it up!

I see innovative companies like Apple, Google, 3m, and Intel stirring it up with Robo Bar in break rooms (sorry folks no alcohol during business hours).

By the way, I am not affiliated with Motoman, just spreading the love… Personally, I would like to see Motoman and the Honda Humanoid Robot [ASIMO] combine innovation. Think about the future opportunity to have ASIMO replace all the human (biased) recruiters and Motoman serving up refreshments. Fun!

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